Sponsorship is all about relationships…relationships between your organization…the Odeum… and the 1.2 million guests that come through our facility on an annual basis. Appropriate signage around our facility keeps your company name and message in front of your target audience 7 days a week. Unique sampling and information distribution means getting your company’s product and literature right into the hands of our guests. And, exclusive sponsorship partnerships make you the “official brand” of the Odeum. With so many options available, a perfect partnership can be formed where YOU + ODEUM + GUESTS = WIN – WIN – WIN for all involved.

Fun Facts

  • Over 1.2 million visitors come through the doors of the Odeum annually.
  • Each year, nearly 780,000 people visit the Odeum to either play in or watch indoor soccer action.
  • The facility has an event occupancy rate of an average of 308 days each calendar year.
  • Demographics vary based on the particular event booked, but the Odeum draws attendees from every age range and ethnic or cultural background.
  • Over 8.75 million drivers and their passengers drive by the Odeum’s outdoor electronic marquee each year. (Based on IDOT figures of 24,000 vehicles per day)
  • Tremendous website traffic
  • 130,000 square foot facility
  • 14-acre parking lot


Simply put, sponsors of the Odeum receive an excellent value for their investment. A Sponsorship Package can be created so your company gets a minimum of 9.9 million impressions annually…and that is just signage location opportunities inside and outside the facility! This does not include potential exposure through the Odeum Expo Center’s self-promotional activities, website, social media, and other marketing opportunities available.

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