Amenities & Parking

At the Odeum Expo Center, we offer a full array of services and amenities to ensure all guests a satisfying and welcoming visit. Below is a sample of some of the most frequently asked questions about the Odeum and its events. If you are unable to find your answer here, feel free to contact us.

Where is the Odeum Expo Center?

Located in Villa Park, Illinois, in the hub of Eastern Dupage County’s busiest transportation corridor, the Odeum Expo Center is just 5 miles from O’Hare International Airport, with easy access by major expressways from downtown Chicago. View our maps and directions.

Is the Odeum Expo Center located close to an airport?

Yes, O’Hare International Airport is only 5 miles from the Odeum Expo Center (approx. 20 minutes away). Chicagoland’s other major airport, Midway, is just 16 miles away (approx. 40 minutes travel time).

Are there shuttles to the Odeum Expo Center from nearby hotels?

All hotels listed on our Hotel & Rental Car Information pdf should offer free shuttle service to/from the Odeum Expo Center. Please verify this with the hotel property upon making your reservation, and alert the Odeum if this policy has changed.

Where can tickets be obtained for most concerts/events at the Odeum Expo Center?

Ticketing services vary from event to event at the Odeum. Check our Event Calendar for more information on the event you are interested in.

Are all events open to the public?

No. Many events we host are private corporate events or personal family events such as quinceaneras, baptisms, and weddings. Generally public events are listed on our Event Calendar, where private events are not.

Where can I park for an event? Are there parking fees?

The Odeum Expo Center has 2,000 paved parking spots onsite for your convenience. Fees are generally $10.00 per car, per day; or, $20.00 per bus, per day. Cash only, please. The daily parking fee allows same-day re-entry with a parking ticket stub.

Is tailgating permitted in the parking lots of the Odeum Expo Center?

No, tailgating violates Villa Park ordinances and is subject to fines.

Where are the entrances into the Odeum Expo Center?

The main gate is located off of Villa Avenue by the marquee sign on the south side of the facility. Additional/secondary entrances may be closed for efficient traffic flow. The Odeum Expo Center’s main entrance into the building is located in the center of the front of the building under the overhang/tunnel.

Is outside food and beverage allowed?

The Odeum Expo Center does not permit outside food and beverage. Individual items such as coffee or water bottles; or, items in bulk such as a case of water or a cooler with food and snacks is not allowed on property and will have to be consumed outside of the venue. Please contact the event organizer if you have further questions.

What dining options are available at the Odeum Expo Center?

Concessions schedule and availability are subject to each show. MG Concessions is the exclusive in-house dining provider and operator of the onsite concessions areas and our Lounge.

See our facility map for concession locations.

Is the Odeum Expo Center handicap accessible?

Yes, the Odeum Expo Center is ADA Compliant.

Does the Odeum Expo Center have wheelchairs for patrons to use?

No; sorry, if a member of your party requires a wheelchair, it is best to bring your own.

Are animals and/or service animals allowed at the Odeum Expo Center?

Pets are not allowed at the Odeum Expo Center unless an event specifically allows them (such as a pet show or the Lyons Township Dog Training Club hosted in our facility every Tuesday night).

However, the Odeum Expo Center abides by the regulations for ADA Service Animals set by the US Department of Justice. Please click here for additional information.

Are there ATMs at the Odeum Expo Center?

Yes, if you need to withdraw money while visiting the Odeum Expo Center, we have an ATM in our Main Lobby or in our Lounge on the 2nd Level. See our Building Map for locations.

Is internet available at the facility?

The Odeum Expo Center offers internet and networking services to event organizers and their exhibitors. We offer a variety of price points and service levels for guests with Wi-Fi needs.

Is smoking permitted in the facilities?

Inside the building is smoke-free, but we have designated outdoor spaces for smoking. Check with Odeum or security staff on day-of-event for locations.

Where do I go if I need first aid?

The Odeum Expo Center provides a wheelchair-accessible first aid station. It is operated and staffed by licensed medical professionals and fully-equipped with automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to respond to life-threatening occurrences. If you need medical assistance, speak to any Odeum or MG Concessions staff member to call the paramedic on site.

Hours of operation and location are based on event activity in the facility.

Is there a Lost and Found?

Yes, there is a lost and found. On event day, please check with the Concessions area or Ticket Office. After the event, please contact the Odeum Office at 630-941-9292.

Where can I find out about upcoming events at the Odeum Expo Center?

Under EVENT CALENDAR you will find our current event list which is the most up-to-date source for events at the Odeum Expo Center. Also LIKE our Facebook Page to stay up to date as new events are announced. Or sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to always know what’s happening at the Odeum.

How do I book space at the Odeum Expo Center for my event?

Contact any one of our Sales & Marketing Staff or complete the form on the BOOK AN EVENT button.