Tournaments and Special Events

Tournaments and special events at the Odeum Sports & Expo Center are a great way to get your team exposure and some good game-time practice. Though some tournaments are gateways into potential championships, other tournaments serve as a way for teams to get to compete against each other in a learning and practicing environment. Tournaments at the Odeum provide your team with the ability to play diverse club programs from around the Chicagoland and Midwest area and enjoy a family fun day or weekend of competitive play. Here are some of the many benefits participating in a tournament can provide:


Participating in a tournament or special event is great exposure for your team to get invited to other tournaments, as well as a way for your players to get individual exposure for themselves. A tournament gives your players the platform necessary to showcase their skills as developing players.

Team Building

Going to a tournament not only gives your team the ability to play multiple games within a single day or weekend, but it also allows them to bond as a team. Tournaments and special events are a great platform for team building, as the team will be spending time together, both on and off the field, for the length of the tournament. Creating the necessary team chemistry among your players can have a multitude of positive impacts when it comes to preparing your team for future events. With two to three games on average being played every day, your players can see what is working and not working within their gameplan. In addition, with one, two or three days spent together, your teammates get a chance to know each other on a more personal level than just congregating around water bottles at practices and games. Team building is a necessary step in creating strong team chemistry, and getting involved in a tournament or special sporting event can provide that.

Testing Out Game Plan Strategies

If your team is using a tournament as an opportunity to gain more competitive practice before aspiring towards a championship, multiple games per day provide you with the ability to test trial game plan strategies. This gives you the real-life practice needed to see if something works well or not. This also allows you to move players around to get an understanding of what some of your players’ strengths and weaknesses are in different field positions.


Running a tournament of your own can become a yearly tradition for some associations. Often called a “Classic” or “Annual” tournament, chances are the same teams like to attend each season. This could be the year where it’s your team’s turn to carry on the legacy of representing your town and participating.

Family Fun

Tournaments can be fun for the whole family, as the families of the players get to travel and experience these tournaments and special events as well. Getting everyone involved, from your team mates to coaches to families, just adds to the overall experience for everyone…making it a memory to last a life time!


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